Learn | CPC's Great Spirit Will Always Be an Invaluable Asset to the Party and the Country

Nov 16, 2021



To realize the Chinese Dream, we must carry forward the Chinese spirit, which is made up of our national spirit, centered on patriotism, and the spirit of our times, centered on reform and innovation. The Chinese spirit is vital for rallying the people and pooling their strength to rejuvenate and strengthen the country. Patriotism has always united the Chinese nation, while reform and innovation have spurred us to keep pace with the times during the course of reform and opening up. It is crucial that we, the Chinese people of all ethnic groups, carry forward this great national spirit and the spirit of our times and continue to strengthen our bonds of unity and our motivation for continued self-improvement, so that we will forever march with vigorous strides into the future.

—Excerpt from an address to the First Session of the 12th National People’s Congress, March 17, 2013


My arrival here in Yimeng immediately brought to mind the heroic years of the revolution. This revolutionary ground gave rise to the stirring stories of countless heroes, including the six sisters of Yimeng, and the mothers of Yimeng. Similar to the Yan’an spirit, the spirit of the Jinggang Mountains, and the Xibaipo spirit, the Yimeng spirit is an invaluable asset to our Party and our country. We must continue to carry it forward in the context of this era.

—Excerpt from a speech given during a visit to Shandong Province, November 24-28, 2013


Jiao Yulu was a true public servant and an example to all secretaries of county Party committees and all Party members. The Jiao Yulu spirit, which is centered on affection for the people, hard work, sound pragmatism, courage before difficulty, and selfless devotion, was, is now, and will remain an invaluable source of inspiration for our Party and will always remain relevant. Life is impermanent, and heroes and role models have limited time to grow a noble spirit, but once forged, that spirit becomes invaluable and timeless. The Jiao Yulu spirit exists alongside the spirit of the Jinggang Mountains, the Yan’an spirit, the Lei Feng spirit, and the Red Flag Canal spirit. Every nation needs a spirit like this to build up its cultural strength; a spirit like this will never be obsolete no matter how the world develops.

—Excerpt from a speech at an enlarged meeting of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China Lankao County Committee, Henan Province, March 18, 2014


Yan’an is sacred revolutionary ground. The Chinese revolution led by our Party underwent a historic transformation during the Yan’an period, going from a low point to a new high. During this period, the older generation of revolutionaries and Communists developed fine traditions and conduct and forged the Yan’an spirit. Along with the traditions and conduct, this spirit, characterized by commitment to the right political direction, the ideological line of emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts, the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, and the pioneering spirit of self-reliance and hard work, is an invaluable asset of our Party. During my days in Yanchuan County, I gained a keen understanding of the Yan’an spirit, and every trip to Yan’an filled me with reverence and emotion. This trip to Yan’an has been as inspirational as ever. Today, as we work to ensure full and rigorous self-governance of the Party, we should continue drawing strength from the Yan’an spirit.

—Excerpt from a speech given at the end of a visit to Shaanxi Province, February 15, 2015

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