LUCA | Chapter 8

Sep 2, 2021

《LUCA-夏日友晴天》 动画 第八章 中文版↗


  Daniela rose from the water and went out into the night in her land monster form, determined to find her wayward son. Lorenzo followed close behind. They looked around for any sign of land monster activity. The coast appeared to be clear.

  “How could my mother tell him about this town of bloodthirsty lunatics?” Daniela said.

  “I still can’t believe he would do this,” Lorenzo replied. “It’s not like him.”

  “Just keep your guard up,” Daniela said. “There’s gonna be land monsters everywhere—”

  Then she turned around and saw a land monster standing right behind her! She went on the attack. First, she knocked the land monster onto the sandy beach. Then she started to smack the creature in the face!

  “Not today, land monster!” she shouted with all the fury she could summon.

  “Daniela!” the land monster protested. “Wait, what? Ow! Ow! It’s me!”

  Daniela instantly realized her error—she hadn’t recognized her own husband in his land monster form! “Ah, you scared the scales off me!” she said, rubbing her husband’s cheek.

  “Gosh, you’re strong,” Lorenzo said. “Owww.”

  “I’m sorry,” Daniela said. “I’m just a little on edge.”

  “No, I needed that. It really woke me up.” Then Lorenzo took a look at himself and at his wife. “Wow! We look horrifying.”

  Daniela examined her hair, which, by land monster standards, was quite nice-looking. “Ugh,” she complained. “Gross. Come on, let’s find our son.”

  But before they could begin their search, they saw an actual land monster approaching this time! Thinking fast, they dove behind some rocks.

  At this rate, how would they ever be reunited with Luca?

  The following morning, Luca opened his eyes and saw a bird sitting on a tree branch. Water droplets dripped from the leaves, indicating a recent rain. Luca smiled, unaware that the rain had gotten all over the platform, causing him to transform into a sea monster.

  His expression changed when he turned over and saw Alberto, who was also in his sea monster form.

  “Oh no. Oh no! Alberto, wake up!” Luca said urgently.

  “Huh? What?” Alberto said. “Ahhh! The sky’s leaking!”

  The boys heard a loud SLAM and stared at each other. Looking down at Giulia’s windows, they saw that the shutters were open. Giulia was in the window, cupping her hands to her mouth. She proceeded to imitate the sound of a very loud, very obnoxious trumpet.

  Not knowing what else to do, the boys vacated the platform, trying to escape Giulia’s view. They disappeared behind the tree just as the back door opened and Massimo leaned out. He was holding a bunch of harpoons in his hand.

  Luca gulped as he and Alberto dried off before anyone could see them.

  Except someone had seen them. It was that cat.

  Machiavelli was sitting there atop the fence, watching them. He had seen everything! Luca knew that the cat knew what they were, which made him super anxious.

  “Oh, there you are!”

  It was Giulia, and luckily, both Luca and Alberto had changed to their land monster forms. “Uh, buongiorno,” Luca said.

  “All right, ragazzi,” Massimo said to the kids. “You want that entry fee, you gotta earn it. Giulia, you make the deliveries.”

  Giulia grabbed a list from Massimo and hopped onto her fish-cart bicycle. She pedaled away. “I’m on it!” she called. “Already makin’ ‘em! Ciao!”

  “You two are coming with me,” Massimo insisted.

  Luca gave Alberto a nervous look. But Alberto didn’t seem to be nervous—or if he was, he didn’t show it. Instead, he seemed fascinated by the multiple knives that Massimo had.

  “Which knife do I get? Huh? Huh?” Alberto asked.

  “You don’t,” Massimo said.

  The water was calm as Massimo took his fishing boat out of the harbor.

  “Buongiorno, Massimo!” an old fisherman said from a passing boat. “You’ll keep an eye out for those sea monsters, right? We’re all counting on you!”

  Massimo grasped the harpoon, showing it off. “Don’t worry, Tommaso. I’ve got my eyes peeled. . . They won’t get away.”

  Luca laughed again, more anxious than ever. He and Alberto were sitting in the back of the fishing boat. Even Alberto looked worried now.

  The wake from the other boat hit Massimo’s, and the small fishing boat began to rock with the waves. Luca lost his balance and very nearly fell overboard.

  As the boys struggled to avoid falling into the water, Massimo seemed not to notice. He just hummed an opera and kept his eyes fixed on the sea.

  Another wave rocked the boat, and Luca was thrown to the other side.

  “Hey, this isn’t a joyride,” Massimo said. “Make yourselves useful.”

  When they had boarded the boat, Massimo explained what he wanted the boys to do. They reached over and started to pull up some fishing nets. Luca couldn’t help noticing that Machiavelli, who had unfortunately come with them, was watching his every move. The cat hissed at him.

  Alberto’s attention drifted to Massimo, fascinated by the man’s missing arm.

  “A sea monster ate it,” Massimo said.

  Alberto looked horrified, and Massimo laughed. “Ma, no. This is how I came into the world.”

  Then Massimo pulled a fish onto the ship. “Not a great catch today.”

  “It might be because we’re over a haunted fish graveyard,” Luca suggested.

  Massimo looked puzzled as Alberto jumped in. “We know it’s not haunted,” he explained. “The fish think it’s haunted.”

  Now Massimo looked really puzzled.

  “This time of day, most fish will be riiiiiight about there,” Alberto said, pointing somewhere in the distance.

  “Hmmm,” Massimo said, wondering if the boy had any clue what he was talking about.

  A while later, Giulia rode her fish-cart bicycle down to the marina. She pedaled furiously, trying to make the trip in record time. When she pulled into the marina, Giulia skidded to a halt and checked her time.

  She shot her fist into the air and cheered, “New personal best!”

  Looking up, she watched as her father and the boys returned from their fishing expedition. She did a double take when she saw the massive amount of fish they had caught.

  “Santa Pecorino,” she said quietly, in awe.

  “Your friends do know fish,” her father said, and he slapped Alberto on the back, nearly knocking him into the water!

  “Benissimo!” Giulia said. “Let’s go sign up!”

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