LUCA | Chapter 14

Sep 2, 2021

《LUCA-夏日友晴天》 动画 第十四章 中文版↗


  “Ah, there you are! I made your favorite,” Massimo said, holding a large pot full of pasta. “Trenette al pesto—”

  Giulia and Luca entered the dining room, their faces looking anything but happy.

  “Where’s Alberto?” Massimo asked.

  “Ah, he uh, he left, Signore Marcovaldo,” Luca said.

  Massimo set the pot down and walked over to grab his coat. “Do you know where he went?”

  “No,” Luca replied nervously. “But I don’t think he wants anyone to look for him.”

  “Maybe not,” Massimo said. “But just in case.”

  Massimo left the house, leaving Giulia and Luca to sit there in stunned silence.

  “Okay. Well. The two of us can still do the race,” Luca babbled, trying to fill the awkward silence.

  “Luca, I—” Giulia began.

  “You’ll swim, you’ll eat—you’ve done both before—and I’ll do the ride.”


  “I mean, that’s allowed, right? It should be fine, we’re still okay—”


  But Luca kept babbling. Finally, Giulia grabbed a glass from the table and splashed some water onto Luca’s hands.

  They transformed.

  “‘Sleeping under the fish, ‘” Giulia said, gritting her teeth. “Now I get it.”

  “I—I can explain,” Luca said.

  “Of all the places for sea monsters to visit—Portorosso? Have you seen this town?” Giulia pointed at the harpoons on the walls. “My father hunts sea monsters! Ugh, what were you guys thinking? Luca, you have to get out of here!”

  Giulia pushed Luca toward the door.

  “But I thought we were underdogs,” he said.

  “Do you think I want you to leave?” Giulia replied, anguish in her voice. “This is the happiest I’ve. . . look, it’s just not worth it!”

  “You don’t understand—”

  “No, I don’t,” Giulia said. “Risking your life? For a Vespa?”

  “My parents were gonna send me away!” Luca said, near tears. “I was never gonna see him again! That’s why we. . . did all of this.”

  Suddenly, Luca realized what he had done. “But it’s over now.”

  He went to the door. “Goodbye, Giulia. I’m sorry.” Then he was gone.

  As Luca walked along the shore, he knew there was at least one thing he could do right. He could try to talk to Alberto.

  He swam back to Alberto’s hideout and climbed up. But as he called out Alberto’s name, Luca was shocked to find the place had been completely trashed. The cool human stuff that Alberto had spent all that time collecting had been ripped from the shelves and strewn around the floor, broken.

  “What are you doing here?” Alberto said coldly, looking down at Luca from the top of the stairs.

  “I’m—I’m sorry,” Luca said. “I never should have done that. I wish I could take it back.”

  “Yeah, whatever,” Alberto said, not buying it. “You’re sorry. Now go away.”

  Alberto turned, and Luca sighed. He stared at the wall where the Vespa poster had been, only to see that it had been torn away. And behind it, there were little tally marks on the wall that Luca hadn’t seen before.

  “What are those marks on the wall?” Luca asked quietly. When he wouldn’t answer, Luca became more insistent. “Alberto, tell me what they mean.”

  “I started when my dad left,” Alberto replied.

  Luca couldn’t believe it.

  “You were living here alone for that many days?”

  “I just stopped counting after a while. He said I was old enough to be on my own,” Alberto said quietly. “I just thought maybe he’d change his mind. Honestly, though, I get it. He’s better off without me. You are, too.”

  “That’s not true,” Luca said.

  “Yes, it is. You’re not like me. You’re the good kid. And I’m just the kid that ruins everything.”

  “Silenzio, Bruno!” Luca shouted. “That’s just a dumb voice in your head. You taught me that.”

  “Well, I was wrong,” Alberto said.

  “And getting a Vespa—seeing the world. . .”

  Alberto exploded. “Just let it go! Okay? Look, you and I should never have been friends in the first place.”

  “Don’t say that. Alberto. . .”

  “Get outta here!” Alberto screamed. “I’m not gonna tell you again!”

  Luca began to cry, but he refused to give up. “Okay, I’ll go. I’ll go win the race.”


  “Yeah. . . yeah! And then the Vespa will be ours and we’ll ride away, together!” Luca continued.

  “Luca, that’s crazy,” Alberto said.

  “Well, maybe I’m crazy!”

  Then Luca ran right off the roof, shouting, “Take me, Gravity!” He landed in a heap on the ground. He looked up and saw Alberto staring back at him.

  “What are you doing?” Alberto asked.

  “I’m okay! I’ll be back tomorrow! I’m gonna fix this!” Luca said, running off.

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